Taking the #38 streetcar from Mount Lebanon down to the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh.

by James K. Sayre

Having gone through most of the interesting books in the small Mount Lebanon Public Library (which was located on the 2nd floor of the Township government building in the downtown at the time), by junior high school age, I was ready to explore the wider horizons of the large Carnegie Library, which was located near the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Tech college campuses east of downtown Pittsburgh.

The yellow #38 municipal streetcar may have gone directly to Forbes Avenue and stopped near the Carnegie Library; I remember boarding the streetcar in downtown Mount Lebanon, going north and through a tunnel and then across a bridge into Pittsburgh; have no memory of having to transfer in the downtown area. I probably started my little expeditions in 7th grade or so. On a Saturday morning. I must have packed a lunch. No one ever bothered me on my little expeditions; I guess that the mid-1950s were age of good behavior for most people.

Anyway, the Carnegie Library was a great place; thousands of books on the shelves, which were open to patrons. So I would find several books of interest: mostly about nature and science, check them out and take the streetcar back home.




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