Playing board games as children in the 1950s

by James K. Sayre

y younger brother and sister and I would sometimes play board games for fun and amusement. Rarely, we could rope our parents into playing, too. Sometimes, when we visited the Sayre grandparents in Detroit, we played boa00rd games with them.

Hugging the Rail - a horse-racing game, with famous 1940s winners such as Count Fleet, Citation and Whirlaway. Basically luck.

Monopoly - a famous board game of property acquisition (and thus the charging of rent to visitors), that was invented during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Excellent training and brainwashing to be a capitalist.

Checkers - an ancient game; somehow, after studying and learning the complications of playing chess, I could never muster much enthusiasm for playing checkers. For chess playing, see: Mt. Lebanon High chess..

Chinese Checkers - another mildly interesting game of checkers, this one being a little more elegant.

Parcheesi - the Royal Game of India - this is a game of strategy and dice throws and allows one player to "block" another player's forward progress. This can be played on freeways, where one can block three lanes in a row with some clever driving and thus frustrate the speeders...

Scrabble - a game of constructing words; often play stops for long periods that include disputes as to whether words played actually exist in everyday English. Gentlemen, man your dictionaries...



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