The Twelve Days of Y2K

by James K. Sayre


(This little ditty was published by the San Franicsco Chronicle on about Y2K Eve).

On the first day of Y2K, my government sent to me, one hand generator in an old Christmas tree.

On the second day of Y2K, my bank sent to me, two ATM scrub brushes.

On the third day of Y2K, my Alta Vista sent to me, three French translations.

On the fourth day of Y2K, my telcom sent to me, four calling cards.

On the fifth day of Y2K, my IPO sent to me, five golden parachutes.

On the sixth day of Y2K, my search engine sent to me, six spiders a asearchin'.

On the seventh day of Y2K, my AOL sent to me, seven help lines ahelpin'.

On the eighth day of Y2K, my Windows Registry sent to me, eight DLLs aconflictin'.

On the ninth day of Y2K, my Microsoft sent to me, nine gates amonopolizin'.

On the tenth day of Y2K, my airline sent to me, ten terrorists aterrorizin'.

On the eleventh day of Y2K, my internet sent to me, eleven hackers ahackin'.

On the Twelfth day of Y2K, my power grid sent to me, twelve systems acrashing.